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Compression Vest for Horse Riders


This compression vest hugs your body and provides total support for your upper body from your pelvis to your shoulders. 
Fits men and women.
The Compression vest is ideal for all riders. The various panels hug and support all of your abdominals and back muscles and skin.

*It hugs all your body parts close and comfortable.
*Spandex Nylon multiple panels
*Super stretchy yet snug fitting
*Feels great all over, even pressure with support
*Supports your back and feels like it is holding you up and in
*It holds your tummy in
*It moves with you not against you
*You never feel restricted or stuck
*It keeps cold air out and warm air in
*Does not ride up or roll into folds
*Smoothes you cure lines out
*Easy to wash and wear
*Can be stepped into or pulled over from your head.
*The most stretchy support top you will wear