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All the basics with Giddy Up Beginner Books

Horse Lovers First Book - the basics you need to know about horses with loads of colour and fun pictures

How to Ride A Horse: Riding Lessons for Beginners - a unique easy to read step by step education resource and interactive learning to ride workbook.  

Equine Essentials - great resource of checklists for everything you need to find out about before owning a horse. LOOKING TO BUY A BEGINNERS HORSE FOR SALE? READ THIS FIRST!

FREE Video Series - Horse Handling & Riding Education Basics STEP BY STEP

Horse Lovers Membership - access one pager cheat sheet summaries to understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse.

Learn to Ride a Horse certificate program - designed for kids and adults to guide you through learning to trot, canter, gallop or vault

Ready to ride? Pricing and Lesson bookings go to Horse Riding Hub - for locations, lesson options and membership discounts