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Giddy Up Beginner Books

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Giddy Up Beginner Books

Knowledge and guidance from an author with a lifetime of experience owning, riding and teaching beginners how to ride a horse and what is needed to own a horse.

Must have Horse Education pack: Horse Education pack

Written to be easily read by children to guide kids in the very basics of horse safety, horse handling and care, developing horse sense, and starting out with a horse-riding journey.

  • Horse Lovers First Book - the basics you need to know about horses with loads of colour and fun pictures
  • How to Ride A Horse: Riding Lessons for Beginners - a unique easy to read step by step education resource and interactive learning to ride workbook.  
  • Ready For Your First Horse? - great resource of essential checklists for everything you need to find out before owning a horse. LOOKING TO BUY A BEGINNERS HORSE FOR SALE? READ THIS FIRST!
  • FREE Video Series - Horse Handling & Riding Education Basics STEP BY STEP
  • FREE Horse Lovers Membership - access one pager cheat sheet summaries for to understand the very basics needed in horse care, riding and owning a horse.
  • Learn to Ride a Horse certificate program - designed for kids and adults to guide you through learning to trot, canter, gallop or vault