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Posture Shoulder Brace For Horse Riders



Ideal training brace for correcting shoulder posture.
Wear while riding or while working.

Look Good and Ride Well with this little Posture Shoulder Brace

This brace is the most popular brace used by the horse riders worldwide.
*It will train your muscles
*It will make you look great riding
*You can wear it riding or around the stables or at work
*Promotes healthy upper back posture. 
*It will draw your shoulders back into a square shoulder posture 
*You will look great while you ride with the support.
*By placing the shoulders in the correct position the brain has to adapt to a new position and train it.
*This posture shoulder brace will stretch the front chest muscles while it is strengthening and supporting the back muscles.
*The balance between the front and back becomes equal so much quicker when this brace is worn.
*Headache pain and muscle pain control.
*Controls the forward shoulder posture
*Control that poking chin posture 
*No one will know you have it on once your jacket goes over top 

Please don't just guess your size the sizing is smaller than clothes sizings. Measure under the breasts around your ribs ( the same line as a bra would fit). If you are on the border of two sizes, buy the bigger size.