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Children's 5 colour Bow Set 18/20 Lbs for Training 91cm



91cm / 36inch  5 Color M115 Children's Bow Set Draw Weight 18/20 Lbs with 2 Chuck Arrows Finger and Arm Guard for Training Toy Games

Use: Hunting
Bow Type: Recurve Bow
Brand Name: JUNXING
Model Number: M115
Type: Bow
Name: M115 Feiyan Children's Bow
Color: Green,Red,Blue,Black,Camouflage
Draw weight: 18/20 pounds
Product material: Lightweight high strength composite material
Bow file: About 16cm
Product introduction length: 36 inches (about 91cm)
Chord Length: (approx. 90mm)
Product Net Weight: Approx. 0.45KG
Maximum saw: 29 inches
Suitable for the crowd: Children 4-7 years old for entertainment